Published on Horizon 2020

I’m delighted to have my latest blog How Brexit affects my health, your health, the health of the UK republished by Horizon 2020 Funding! Horizon 2020 is the largest EU Programme for Research and Innovation in science and technology. In my article I note the importance of this funding to our advancement in an ever increasing and exciting world of technology and innovation – in every area of science from medicine to green tech.

However, since the UK referendum result of withdrawal from the EU, our progress as a country will be affected considerably. Up till now we have been at the forefront of science, just one example being the progress and accessibility of new life changing medications for people with severe chronic and autoimmune illnesses.

We will now not only lose the brightest scientists from around the world who gravitate to the UK for research, but also UK born scientists who will inevitably leave the UK to join more collaborative research in more forward thinking countries.

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