Sunshine Blogger Award

So I have won another blogger award! The ‘Sunshine Blogger Award’ is awarded from bloggers to other bloggers who are considered “positive and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere”. Well this is such a lovely compliment! I always write from the heart on topics that may seem quite intense, especially to those unaware that these ableist situations exist, so I thank everyone who has read (and will hopefully continue to read) my blog. And of course a big thank you to the lovely Laura at The Invisible Illness and Me for thinking of me for the award! I very much appreciate it! 🌻

Laura blogs with wit and sensitivity on hidden disability since being diagnosed with Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss in 2014. She writes about her hearing loss journey, having a cochlear implant and has collaborated with Hearing Link UK, Restored Hearing and Med-El. Her blog leaves you anticipating the next exciting project she may be engaged with!

Now to honour the rules of the Sunshine Blogger Award;

~ Thank the person who nominated you in a blog post, linking to their blog
~ Answer the eleven questions sent by the person who nominated you
~ Nominate eleven blogs to receive the award, write eleven new questions
~ List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your blog post

1) What is the motivation behind your blog?
Everyday experiences as a disabled person in a society that hasn’t quite caught up with the concept of equity and equality for all.

2) How would you describe the style of your writing?
Passionate, humorous, vulnerable and a part of me.

3) How has your blog changed the way you see the world?
Publishing my blog articles has shown me that I am not alone in the disenfranchisement and ableism I feel from society or individuals. I have had so much support from strangers all around the world living the same experiences and this just drives me to write more.

4) Who or what is your biggest inspiration in life and why?
People who stand up for what is right even if it goes against the grain. DPAC who protested outside parliament to highlight the recent UN report on breaches of the human rights of disabled people in the UK. Bernie Sanders and Jeremy Corbyn who in their bad suits aren’t seen as sexy contenders but have strong social values. And of course the Native peoples fighting for their land right now in North Dakota #noDAPL

5) If you could receive any kind of award in the world, what would it be and why?
I’m not after awards as such though they are lovely when they happen! However a reward would be for all people, be they disabled, migrants, irrespective of race, gender labels or sexuality to be treated with respect and humanity as stated in the European Convention on Human Rights. Sounds a bit hippy I know!

6) How do you see your blog in 10 years’ time?
I’ve no idea! Who knows even what new technology will even exist then?! So I may be blogging through my minds eye via some kind of google glass contraption! I hope things may have changed for the better for disabled people in society but glancing back at the past 10yrs things have only gotten worse in terms of the law so who knows?

7) What is your greatest blogging achievement?
My first blog was born out of an awful experience of disability discrimination at ITV Studios to a show which supposedly champions disability. The public response I got was amazing with over 6000 hits in a few hours with strangers all around the world tweeting for The Last Leg make amends. Despite the show still refusing to acknowledge that discrimination took place and that their access policy was a problem, the public support was beyond any I could have imagined and gave me hope in humankind.

8) How do you keep finding inspiration for your posts?
There’s so much inspiration all around me every day in the press, TV, at hospital, in access to shops, trains, airports or just parking my car in a Blue Badge bay.

9) How has social media affected your blog?
Social media is key to any message nowadays. It has given my articles exposure they otherwise wouldn’t have received through just email or word of mouth etc.

10) What is the one thing you are most scared of in life?
I feel our world is at a point where we could go one of two ways; saving our planet and creating an equal way of life for everyone or into further self destruction from the power hungry. We hope can only hope that empathy and common sense prevails!

11) What advice would you offer for new bloggers?
Write from the heart and about something you are truly passionate about rather than worrying about the stats. Only then will you truly engage and relay your message of pain/ happiness/ injustice/ love etc to your reader.

My eleven questions:

1) What initially made you decide to a blog/ write?
2) Is your blog part of your day job?
3) Do you think your blog has helped other people, if so how?
4) Apart from writing what is/ are your other talents or interests?
5) If it wasn’t for modern technology (i.e: the internet) do you think you would be writing?
6) Has your blog ever attracted any hostility? If so, from whom?
7) What feeds your inspiration for your writing?
8) Where was the last place that brought you happiness and why?
9) What was the reason you last belly laughed?
10) Have you ever been paid a ‘compliment’ which was actually offensive? Do elaborate!

11) What do you hope, if anything, your blog to achieve?

My nominations:
Chicago activist Kelly Hayes is co-founding member of The Chicago Light Brigade and an organiser with We Charge Genocide. She is currently writing on the Native peoples struggle at Standing Rock, North Dakota #NoDAPL
Laura’s son William was diagnosed with brain damage at birth. Laura campaigns on behalf of disabled people saying they ‘shouldn’t have their access to the world limited by the barriers non disabled people have put in place.’
I first came across Ella reciting her insightful poems at Shambala Festival, she expresses strong political messages that reflect the lives and struggles of real people growing up today.
Like myself ‘arthrticchic’ has rheumatoid arthritis and myriad of other autoimmune illnesses, she amusingly writes about the everyday implications in everyday situations
Liz loves to travel and writes about her experiences as a “special needs” traveller
Writes about living with a chronic illness, accessibility and PIP assessments
Blogs on a myriad of various subjects from the perspective of a young disabled woman.
Sat On My Butt is a bearded blogger writing about beard products but also gives honest reviews on mobility products with the occasional rant
This article on the ‘mother wound’ caught my interest. An interesting view on why women are subconsciously oppressed into being less than men
PHD student blogging on society and disability
Klaie Pryal novelist, journalist and attorney addressing the treatment of disabled people in modern society

Enjoy your award and I look forward to more of your insightful work! 🌻

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