RA foodie

Previously I’ve kept my foodie side and RA side a bit separate on here but really RA is a lifestyle that spans not just the illness and medication but politics, society, education, work and food. Food is a big thing in my family, we have always eaten ‘well’ and we can all cook but for 3 years now I have been eating mostly anti-inflammatory foods to give myself the best chance I can.

So here’s today’s Saturday breakfast, roasted sweet potato with avocado, pomegranate and my leftover tandoori chicken drizzled in avocado oil and pink himalayan salt.

Sweet potatoes are high in vitamins A and C, whilst pomegranate is full of  antioxidants, vitamins C, K and folate. Avocados contain fibre and are rich in vitamins and minerals, such as B-vitamins, vitamin K, potassium, copper, vitamin E and vitamin C. The chicken gives me a morning protein shot whilst the pink Himalayan salt is abundant in minerals compared to normal table salt which many consider an inflammatory food because of the way it interacts with the gut and immune system.

I’m no nutritionist but I do have enough autoimmune illnesses to know what my body does and doesn’t like. I looked into the paleo plan a few years ago and much of it makes sense in terms of the gut being the main culprit for the thriving of autoimmune conditions. I think many people think an anti-inflammatory lifestyle is removing foods but in actual fact it’s just inflammatory foods that are removed such as wheat and sugar, and many more nutrient rich foods are introduced.

That said I definitely need RA medication too. I am making the best of both worlds – feeding my body whilst using the most advanced medications available to me to ultimately give myself the best chance I can with this degenerative disease! 👌


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