Fun with spiralisers

Monday fun! Trying out my new spiraliser! Courgetti! ūü§ó A bit tricky on my RA hands but would be easy for anyone¬†without fine¬†motor skill problems¬†to use. Total food porn satisfaction to watch the courgette spaghetti being made – and so quick too! Initially I¬†had been a bit wary¬†after reading some rare but horrific incidents¬†some¬†have had on the super sharp Japanese blades (obviously myself being more at risk of this) but so far I am still alive! Yay!

It seems everyone is getting into healthy eating/ eating clean now whether they are ill or not which is great. But¬†what the fructose¬†is ‘healthy eating’ anyway? I won’t get into the fructose and sucrose of it right now but generally speaking it’s more¬†anti-inflammatory foods, less¬†inflammatory foods and looking after your gut. That is; eating more foods which¬†are nutrient rich and less which are nutrient poor. Also less acidic more alkaline foods. If you cut out processed foods and processed sugars then you’re already on to a winner. Then within that there are scales different people adhere to depending on their health situation which involve¬†cutting out¬†wheat, gluten, dairy, nightshade family etc.

A spiraliser would be great for anyone on these routes or just those¬†conscious of¬†getting more veggies into their diet. They are perfect¬†for¬†illnesses such as diabetes as they¬†effortlessly allow more veg less carbs on the¬†plate – and of course great for those of us with an anti inflammatory lifestyle! ūüėč

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