Stranger Things happened to me at Topshop

An angel was smiling on me today – in Topshop, Oxford Circus of all places! With Rheumatoid Arthritis I near to never go shopping in person now opting to make my purchases online where there are no painful armloads of clothes to carry or equally painful queues not just for the changing rooms but for also then for the till. And then of course for the tube ride home where my TFL ‘Please Offer Me a Seat’ badge goes mostly ignored. Continue reading →

Channel 4 sent a Racist White Woman in Brownface and a Big Nose to Humanise Muslims

Who saw last night’s Channel 4’s ‘My Week as a Muslim’? I have to say I found it quite disturbing and not because it featured a racist but because of the way the programme portrayed the racist. Self confessed Islamophobe and NHS Healthcare Assistant, Katie Freeman traded in her life for a week to spend it with Saima Alvi a teacher and a Muslim. Katie was very open about her racist views considering all Muslims to be terrorists even telling her own 16 year old daughter that “ladies in burkas have suicide belts around them”. Not even the word ‘probably’ in there. Continue reading →

GE2017 We are all Daniel Blake

As the UK gets ready to vote tomorrow – a fitting repost of my article on the award winning film I, Daniel Blake. The Tory government has spent the last 6yrs vilifying, tormenting and throwing the most vulnerable in society into poverty whilst ensuring the rich get richer. And with plans to remove our human rights as and when they please, things are set to become even worse for disabled people… #GE2017 #NastyParty #VoteCorbyn #WeAreAllDanielBlake Continue reading →

The NHS cookie crumbles

Wow thanks for your response on my last blog! Great to know so many care about our NHS! Well, today was *that* hospital appointment. Despite a month of messages, I still didn’t hear back from my hospital to tell me if my chemo was ready aka ‘would driving in today be a wasted journey making me more ill?’ So I did my best ‘dragging a dead body around’ impression this morning, driving an hour in crazy traffic to get to hospital. These two dialogues happened…

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May stole my NHS! Bring on June!

Bum. I’ve run out of my chemo aka methotrexate aka mtx. This isn’t me being slack, this is the rippling effects of government cuts to the NHS which has only worsened with Theresa May. Over the past month I have let my hospital know in person that I am running out, left four phone messages and have also reminded them to re-instate the order of my biologic drug Humira. When I ring the answer phone message says ‘due to NHS cuts the phone lines are now only manned 3 days a week’. Continue reading →