Sunshine Blogger Award

So I have won another blogger award! The ‘Sunshine Blogger Award’ is awarded from bloggers to other bloggers who are considered “positive and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere”. Well this is such a lovely compliment! I always write from the heart on topics that may seem quite intense, especially to those unaware that these ableist situations exist, so I thank everyone who has read (and will hopefully continue to read) my blog. Continue reading →

Published on Horizon 2020

I’m delighted to have my latest blog How Brexit affects my health, your health, the health of the UK republished by Horizon 2020 Funding! Horizon 2020 is the largest EU Programme for Research and Innovation in science and technology. In my article I note the importance of this funding to our advancement in an ever increasing and exciting world of technology and innovation – in every area of science from medicine to green tech. Continue reading →

Patient Advocate on Twitter

Something else rather lovely that has happened this week, apart from being nominated for a Blogger Recognition Award is that I have been named as a Patient Advocate on Twitter. Marie Ennis-O’Connor is a keynote speaker at the world renowned Mayo Clinic and scholar for Stanford Medical X. As one of Klick Health’s top 50 global social media influencers in health Continue reading →

Blogger Recognition Award

I was delighted to be recently nominated for a Blogger Recognition Award! Having not been blogging for long and always feeling guilty because my health doesn’t always allow me to write as often as I would like, it’s nice to have a little recognition, so thanks! 😊 I am taking the opportunity here to nominate other bloggers whose work I find engaging. Continue reading →