Balls for lunch

By Wednesday it had already been pretty physically and mentally demanding week as you may have gathered from this week’s blogs; May stole my NHS, bring on June and The NHS cookie crumbles. I was craving protein when I saw these ‘Yorkshire Balls’* which sounded exciting! 😄

The rare times I have meatballs I make them from scratch but these intrigued me – being gluten free too! Instead of wheat flour they have used rice flour. They were pretty good and garlicky which I’m sure the dentist appreciated this morning! I served them with freshly spiralised courgetti with a creamy sauce I make from broccoli, carrot and avocado.


I had the remainder today for lunch as I hate food waste! With random other leftover goodness; some more of that broccoli, carrot and avocado sauce, a roasted sweet potato, some more broccoli and some random courgette ends and lots of pink Himalayan salt to increase my autoimmune blood pressure!

*This is not an endorsement on behalf of by The Yorkshire Meatball Co. I merely saw them, bought them, ate them! 😋

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