May stole my NHS! Bring on June!

Bum. I’ve run out of my chemo aka methotrexate aka mtx. This isn’t me being slack, this is the rippling effects of government cuts to the NHS which has only worsened with Theresa May. Over the past month I have let my hospital know in person that I am running out, left four phone messages and have also reminded them to re-instate the order of my biologic drug Humira. When I ring the answer phone message says ‘due to NHS cuts the phone lines are now only manned 3 days a week’. Continue reading →

When ‘roid rage’ gets ‘hangry’

Just cannot stop eating on these bloody steroids! My friends who also have RA ask if I’m also angry on them as they are sometimes, I say ‘no, just hungry’. Then I recall that my bf has called me hangry four times in the past week. When it comes to a mealtime and food is not ready pronto, I feel a soaring agitation building. Now, both myself and my boyfriend cook and I haven’t told him this but Continue reading →

Fun with spiralisers

Monday fun! Trying out my new spiraliser! Courgetti! 🤗 A bit tricky on my RA hands but would be easy for anyone without fine motor skill problems to use. Total food porn satisfaction to watch the courgette spaghetti being made – and so quick too! Initially I had been a bit wary after reading some rare but horrific incidents some have had on the super sharp Japanese blades (obviously myself being more at risk of this) but so far I am still alive! Yay! Continue reading →

RA foodie

Previously I’ve kept my foodie side and RA side a bit separate on here but really RA is a lifestyle that spans not just the illness and medication but politics, society, education, work and food. Food is a big thing in my family, we have always eaten ‘well’ and we can all cook but for 3 years now I have been eating mostly anti-inflammatory foods to give myself the best chance I can. Continue reading →

Happy Anniversary to me!

Happy Anniversary to me! It’s one year since I started this blog out of a very distressing situation at The Last Leg which slammed me and all my disabled comrades in the face with the raw truth of just how ableist our society and ‘reputable’ establishments such as ITV Studios still are. Continue reading →